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#GoGetSport - Sailing School # 1 in Bulgaria

Go Get Sport specializes in training and sailing courses. The main direction in which the team of professional crawlers works is the creation of a new sailing school format, the main purpose of which is a yacht for pleasure.

Go Get Sport actively started its activities in 2018. In the school works instructors, professional sportsmen and candidates for master of sailing sport. In 2017 part of the team took part in the regatta Rolex Middle Sea Race, presenting the Bulgarian team at a fairly good level.

Our mission is to fire more young people in the yachting, to raise the yacht culture to a higher level, and to push the development of the sailing community along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. We also want to turn Bulgaria into a yacht destination on an international level, to develop its market so that it can boldly stand up as a worthy competitor of Greece, Croatia, Romania and Russia.

We want to make the yachting affordable for all ages, both young people and pensioners, with the possibility sailing skills to train and develop every week. Not only to give training and to conduct a course but to pass on our experience and knowledge through pleasure and fun.

Go Get Sport offers a variety of yachting courses suitable both for those who have no experience in sailing sport and for those whose skills are already close to professional yachtsmen. If you already have a certification, you can rent our 33 foot yacht. In any case, however, smiles and moments of entertainment will have you accompany you all the time!

Who teaches

Our instructors

Maxim Gasumyants

- Chief Instructor -

Anastasia Isaeva

- Instructor -

Hristo Mladenov

- Instructor -

Vladi Vasilev

- Assistant Instructor -

Magdalena Borisova

- Assistant Instructor -

What I wish our friends knew about the sailing community

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It’s super supportive

Only when I made my first self-contained cruise I realized that I am now not only a certified captain but part of a community of people from all over the world who will always support me.

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It is surprisingly fun

At first I thought I had to be on a strict regime, but believe me - it's actually the opposite. After finishing the routine inspection of the equipment before I go, the real fun begins.

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It’s a whole new kind of inspiration

As a man who can now drive a yacht, I have discovered a new world full of inspiration. The possibilities are endless and once you enter the sailing community, you will never get tired of it!

Our courses

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Varna city, Sea Port Varna “LZ Yachting”


+359 (89) 572-19-17

Work time

Every day from 09: 00h. until 20:00h.


Най-Подходящата Оферта За Вас !

Intensive regatta preparation /10 days/

Duration: 10 days
Price: 1590 BGN per person in group
Individual (without group): 4700 BGN
Minimum group participants: 2 people
Maximum group participants: 6 people

  • 1590 lv 

1590 лв. 10 daysBook

“Learn to sail” sailing course 2 days

Duration: 2 days
Price: 290 BGN per person in group
Individual (without group): 870 BGN
Minimum group participants: 2 people
Maximum group participants: 4 people

  • 290 lv 

290 лв. 2 daysBook

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