About ISSA


The abbreviation ISSA is derived from the English language – International Sailing Schools Association, which translates as the International Association of Sailing Schools. Thanks to this non-profit organization, there is currently a framework in place for common quality and safety standards for sailing and windsurfing training around the world.

Objectives and mission

The main ISSA mission and objective is to enable anyone who wants to learn how to sail and want to start a sailing school job. Also, ISSA provides an international career path for sailing instructors so they can conduct sailing courses freely, no matter where in the world they are currently located.

About the level and standards

ISSA standards apply equally to all certification levels for students who have completed a sailing and windsurfing course. In addition, ISSA accredited trainers are trained to a fairly high level, which requires years of experience and a wealth of knowledge.

What does ISSA-accredited sailing school mean?


  1. The school must have at least 1 ISSA accredited instructor  – In Go Get Sport Sailing School there are two!
  2. The school must meet all ISSA standards without exception.
  3. The school must successfully pass an ISSA inspection

Go Get Sailing Sailing School offers anyone wishing to obtain an official internationally recognized certificate ISSA courses:

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