“Preparation for cruise sailing” course 4 days

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Cruise and bareboat charter

The Bearboat charter course is a skillful combination of intense teaching and leisure time. Training lessons offer much more docking than other Go Go Sailing yacht courses.

· Work with nautical charts
· Legend and symbols
· Charts of the depths(the depth map)
· Mercator projection
· Work with compass
· Difference between true North and magnetic
· The deviation of the compass
· Width, height and measurement units
· Position determination
· Computation of the path
· Drift
2.Location determination
· Conversion between true bearing and compass
· Location methods
3.Passenger swimming
· Planning
· Course formation
· The approach to the port
· Avoiding hazards
· Driving lines and lights
· Use of Navionics
4.IALA Signs and aerobatics
· Lateral signs
· Cardinal sign
· Marking of signs on maps
· The passage channels on the signs
· Piloting on sector lights
· Aerobatics on the leading characters
· Weather forecasts and their format
· The direction of the main flow of wind
· SYNOPTIC charts
· Formation of low pressure areas
· Cloud types
· Beaufort scale
6.Tides and currents
· Formation of tides
· How to use the tidal Atlas
· Calculation of tides
· Currents
· Effect of flow on apparent wind
· Characteristics of waves and currents
· Manual depth sounder
· Mechanical sounder

The practice takes place in one of the most picturesque places in the city - Varna Bay. The standard route passes through Galata, Fichosa and the lighthouse.

Choose a comfortable clothing to protect yourself from the sun, sunglasses, hat, swimsuit (if you plan to swim), sunscreen, yachting gloves or sports hall, drinking water, closed shoes (without heels), raincoat if rain is raining

"Birdy" model - Beneteau Oceanis 331.

Place of the meeting - the yacht, which is located at the port of LZ yachting, Sea Station, Varna

It is advisable to come 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting time.

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