Go Get Sport won an award and received recognition from the Travel & Hospitality Awards

Only a year ago, Go Get Sport began its active activity as a sailing school in Varna, Bulgaria. Its main purpose is to make yachting more accessible and popular sport on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and Bulgaria a more preferred and competitive tourist destination.

For just one season, Go Get Sport instructors have conducted lessons for over 70 students, with 70% of them were on a yacht for the first time. In addition, the school has nearly 20 different type and level training courses available, enabling a wider range of people to experience the yachting magic.

Go Get Sport
Innovative Experience of the Year

That is why the sailing school received a prize from the Travel & Hospitality Awards in the category “Innovative Experience of the Year in Bulgaria”. Winner selection is a process designed to ensure that hotels and tour operators are awarded and honored with honest and transparent valuation. Ultimate decisions are made by travel experts and trusted judges, making these awards really valuable and relevant to their owners.

Finally, all winners will be posted on the Travel & Hospitality Awards page, where you can get credible information about where the best places to visit in a region during the vacation.


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