Preparing the yacht to go out into the sea

For example, if the boat is under the Croatian flag and you go to a neighboring country.

When leaving the port for a long-distance passage, it is necessary to obtain permission from the chief inspector’s captain. He will give you a checklist by which you will prepare the boat for departure. Among them:

Check the sails and fix if it is necessary

By the arrival of the inspector, the preparation of the boat must be completed. The chief captain will check everything up to the smallest detail, to the lightbulbs for life vests.

If you have a spinnaker or a gennaker, prepare it, fold it correctly.

Buy the necessary number of life vests, usually this number is equal to the maximum permissible number of people on the boat plus two. And also a few children’s life.

On the list you will meet fuel cans, spare ropes, a bucket and a scoop.

It is necessary to prepare an onboard log, a logbook, into which you will record all the passage data: coordinates, time, wind and so on. You can create it yourself from any notebook or buy it in the store already marked with lines.

Check the expiration date of the powdered extinguisher on board. Additionally, purchase a fire blanket.

Check all the wiring on the board, as well as water instal sensors to detect leaks and if the carrying gas, and the gas sensors.

Binoculars must meet the inspector’s requirement.

Maps, pilot books can be in electronic form, but it is better to have a duplicate on paper if the electronics fail. Also you will need special tools for plotting routes on printed maps: ruler, compasses and so on. Waterproof lantern should be on board, do not forget the batteries.

Radio book on board is required. Run through it before the exit, remember how to use the on-board radio.

Pay attention to the distress signalling equipment, following the check sheet, check the expiration date of each.

For long passage there must be a «dinghy» boat and a safety raft.

And last but not least, there is must be enough water and food on board.


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