Yacht Photoshoot

with a professional photographer, equipment and crew

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Image Description

On a yacht trip with professional photographer


Unique opportunity


High quality photos


Wonderful repose


Romantic trip


Stunning view


Magnificent background

Why a photoshoot on a yacht?

4 reasons to photoshoot on the board



The yacht trip goes along the quiet Varna bay, where there are no unexpected storms and big waves, the distance to the shore is small and the crew on board is among the best.


Affordable price

The price for everything is total (photo session + trip), with up to 4 participants, which means you can share it with each other. We also have one of the lowest rates for a yacht trip.


Individual approach

We do not recruit big groups, because it is an individual work for us, and the most important thing about perfect and spontaneous photos is the comfort of each separate participant.


Beautiful photos

Album with photos with stunning views of the coast. You will find it hard to create a more magnificent backdrop for a photo session in the nature: blue sky, sparkling water and sails.

480 BGN

Duration: 2 hours
Yacht price : 240 BGN
Photographer price: 240 BGN
Number of participants: up to 3 people
Digital images: 20 pcs. / per person

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Gift certificate for a photo shoot

What's included?


Walk with sailing yacht


Portfolio with 50 photos


Professional equipment


Image processing

Victoria Rayu - the most popular beauty photographer

"As a professional photographer I know how to find the best corner of perfection and always help with the position."

  • Long experience and real passion for photography
  • Professional equipment and attitude
  • Hundreds of amazing photographic works
  • Beautiful photos in any weather conditions

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Hurry, almost all the hours are already busy!